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I not sure how many people consider him a “prospect” but I feel like a lot of people are thinking he going to light up the league right off the bat. He need to get into a rhythm first but that will depend on him getting lots of minutes regurlarly, which won happen if he makes these fundamental mistakes. We will see..

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In exchange for this economic stimulus, I have not received one cent from the State or local government, nor do I expect to. But why should I be paying taxes so that these governments can then subsidize other businesses? If you are going to subsidize one business, you must subsidize all at an equal rate or it is unconstitutional. End of story..

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Hiding your problem makes it more stressful when you are faced with new people. When you accept that you have a stuttering problem, it is easy to work through it. Find a confidante with whom you can discuss your problem and avoid bottling up your emotions..

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It a normal business decision and nothing particularly new. This subreddit loves to jump on the bandwagon of hating everything. Of course they being greedy, it a company trying to maximize their income.. Does he have encompassing intentions for his writing? “The master plan is to play as beautifully as possible and write things that seem interesting. Obviously, people have talked about the hidden agenda in my writing of getting rid of classical stuffiness, demystifying it, and opening up that world to the weirdness of the modern pop culture world. I have a very mystical view of music.

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